[announcement] - python graph library

Maxim Khesin news at fluidobjects.com
Fri Mar 4 12:28:48 CET 2005

Hello Folks,
I recently started working on a graph-algorithms library in Python. What 
makes this one different from the other couple of libs that are 
available is a heavy influence from the C++ Boost Graph Library. There 
are IMO a lot of good ideas there, so I am attempting to translate the 
spirit of it into Python without loosing the Pythonness :). There is no 
official code release so far, but I have been blogging ideas and code 
snippets here: http://pythonzweb.blogspot.com/. Your comments are most 
welcome (you can leave them right on the blog).I also wanted to tap your 
opinion on naming this thing. There is (duh) already PyGL and PGL names 
associated with python (but not graph libs) floating around, but as they 
are not so well-known as far as I can tell I do not mind taking them on 
and stealing the name. What do you guys think?

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