Linux Multimedia System

Marek Franke mfranke78 at
Sun Mar 13 09:26:50 CET 2005

Hi there,

we have started with some people from our LUG (Linux User Group) a 'little'
project, called LMMS (Linux Multimedia System). When it's 'finished' it
shall be a window-manager for use on TV and handle with joysticks/gamepads. 

As the name says, it is for multimedia-applications, like listening to
music, watching videos and maybe playing some games. The idea is to create
a gui for application like mplayer, ogg123, mpg123, cdrecord etc.

For now there are some widgets for displaying images, labels and some
messages. Actually there is a working LMMS with a little menu, an
image-viewer and a CD-player. Supperted joysticks/gamepads are Gravis
Gamepad Pro, Nintendo's SNES Pads, Microsoft's X-Box pad and keyboard.

The whole project is written in python/pygame and can be found here:
There is a little mailinglist too (German & Yahoo):

Remember that the whole project is very basic for now! But it seems to work.

Greets, Marek

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