PythonWin, AutoDoc and german keyboards...

Werner Merkl werner_DOT_merkl_ at
Thu Mar 3 09:34:46 CET 2005


PythonWin is really great and like to use it all the time.

But, I use to an us keyboard and get support strings (.__doc__).
On the other side, most of my colleges use German keyboards and
the do not get these strings at all.

We are using:
  - Python 2.4
  - PyWin32 203

Here is an example:

When we enter range with us keyboard we get:
 >>> range(
          [range([start,] stop[, step]) -> list of integers]

When we do this with German keyboard we get... nothing,

except we enter:
 >>> range)
          [range([start,] stop[, step]) -> list of integers]

You see, if we press ")" on German KB, which is "(" on us KB
we get the help...

BTW: Changes to Python24\Lib\site-packages\pythonwin\pywin\default.cfg
didn't help.

Is this a known issue?
And is there a work around?
Or do we have to take an other IDE like SPE?

Thank you in advance
Werner Merkl

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