(noob alert) why doesn't this work?

Stephen Thorne stephen.thorne at gmail.com
Wed Mar 23 01:18:05 CET 2005

On Tue, 22 Mar 2005 12:10:50 +0100, Bouke Woudstra
<bouke at gentoolinux.demon.nl> wrote:
>                 for flac in flacfiles:
>                         cmd = 'metaflac --export-tags=- "%s"' % flac
>                         for line in os.popen(cmd).readlines():
>                                 if 'Artist' in line:
>                                         artist = line[7:-1]
>                                 if 'Album' in line:
>                                         album = line[6:-1]
>                                 if 'Date' in line:
>                                         year = line[5:-1]
>                                 if 'Title' in line:
>                                         title = line[6:-1]
>                                 if 'Tracknumber' in line:
>                                         number = line[12:-1]
>                                 if 'Genre' in line:
>                                         genre = line[6:-1]
>                         self.wav2mp3(flac, title, artist, album, year, number, genre)

I'll point out, there's a bug here. If any flac file is missing any
one of these tags, but a previous one does have the tag, (i.e.
'Genre'), then the previous tag will be used, because you don't reset
the variables each time around the loop.

Stephen Thorne
Development Engineer, NetBoxBlue.com

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