Python to C++ conversion substituting vectors for lists in a recursive function

MyHaz at
Wed Mar 23 12:39:55 CET 2005

I didn't look at the original code but i you should know that passing
vectors directly (i.e by value) to functions is not a good idea
(results in big copy), its better to use `const vector<> &` or
`vector<> &`  (i.e. by reference). In general you should try to reduce
the number of vector coping to a minimum.

As for the error in the code, it would be better to see the example of
the error, be it compiler or other wise.

I have a question about this line

`vector<int> tseq =;`

as i have never seen the at() member of vector. And its not referenced
on the sgi site

what version of the STL are you using?

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