HTML editor component?

Lars Heuer heuer at
Mon Mar 21 00:27:13 CET 2005

Hi skol,

>>> Is there any HTML WYSIWYG editor component available for
>>> Python/wxPython? Thanks.
>> There is wxMozilla:

> Thanks for the tip. Looks like a very elaborate component.
> Is there anything simpler? I'd need just simple HTML editing
> with formatting (bold, italic), links, and tables. 

You can use wxHTML for showing HTML and wxTextCtrl with (if I remember
right) the wxTE_RICHEDIT flag for editing.
Or the Scintilla component that should work for simple bold, italic
and link formating.
Tables might be difficult, though.

If you'll like to see wxMozilla Editor in action you may take a look

Best regards,

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