csv module and unicode, when or workaround?

Skip Montanaro skip at pobox.com
Sat Mar 12 06:00:13 CET 2005

    Chris> the current csv module cannot handle unicode the docs say, is
    Chris> there any workaround or is unicode support planned for the near
    Chris> future?

True, it can't.

    Chris> obviously I am not a python pro, i did not even find the py
    Chris> source for the module, it seemed to me it is a C based
    Chris> module?. is this also the reason for the unicode unawareness?

Look in Modules/_csv.c and Lib/csv.py.  The C-ness of the underlying module
is the main issue as far as I understand.  If you have some C+Unicode-fu
(this goes for anyone reading this, not just Chris), feel free to try
writing a patch.  Also, check out the csv mailing list:



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