Python for a 10-14 years old?

Marcin Mika intager at
Thu Mar 24 06:42:48 CET 2005

you may want to introduce her to programming competitions, which will
provide her with a very strong foundation of algorithm design and
programming techniques.

> I am blessed with a *very* gifted nine-years old daughter for whom I
> have recently installed an old GNU/Linux Mandrake 7.2 on an equally
> Pentium Pro box.  She is enjoying it tremendously and has no problems
> understanding simple desktop operations and the file system basics
> (Needless to say - she has already mastered the 30 or so games I
> installed for her).
> Now, I would like to teach her programming basics using Python
> I believe it is best suited for this purpose and, yes, also because
> is my favorite language).  The only tutorial I have found so far is
> "How to Think Like a Computer Scientist - Learning with Python"
> while very good indeed, is geared towards adult newbie students.
> Is there something out there like "Python for kids" which would
> *basic* programming concepts in a way which is accessible and
> entertaining for kids aged 10-14 (that about where her brain is right
> now) and which would allow them to "play around" and have fun solving
> small problems?
> Many thanks in advance,
> TN

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