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Tom Willis tom.willis at
Wed Mar 16 16:57:53 CET 2005

On 15 Mar 2005 23:54:16 -0800, Mike Wimpe <mikewimpe at> wrote:
> Other than being used to wrap Java classes, what other real use is
> there for Jython being that Python has many other GUI toolkits
> available? Also, these toolkits like Tkinter are so much better for
> client usage (and faster) than Swing, so what would be the advantage
> for using Jython? or Is Jython really just so that Java developers can
> write Java code faster?
> Mike Wimpe
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I haven't done anything substatial with Jython yet, but I consder it
to be valuable in areas where you have to do something quick and
dirty, perhaps debug an EJB running on an app server for example.

Bean shell serves the same purpose and the syntax is pretty much Java
so the learning curve isn't as steep for java developers.

I see it as a way of getting around some of the requirements of the
language. If I needed to connect to java systems together and I needed
to do it quickly, and the quality of requirements was less than
adequate, I'd rather write a script(beanshell/jython/groovy) than
booting up eclipse and contributing to the interface cesspool .

Thomas G. Willis

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