PyAC 0.1.0

gry at gry at
Tue Mar 1 17:04:01 CET 2005

Premshree Pillai wrote:
> PyAC 0.1.0 (
> * ignores non-image files
> * optional arg is_ppt for ordering presentation images (eg.,
> Powerpoint files exported as images)
> * misc fixes
> Package here:

A few suggestions:

   Always include in the announcement a brief description of what the
does -- most people will not bother to track down the link to decide if
package is of interest to them.

   Also mention any dependencies not included in the standard
e.g. "requires PIL".

   You should probably look at the distutils
( module for a clean platform-
independant way for users to install your module.  Editing paths in the
source code is not too cool ;-).

And thanks for contributing to the python community!  Have fun!

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