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Cameron Laird wrote:
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> >It would have been nice to put in a blurb for some of the cool stuff
> >planned for 8.5. That way people could see that things are
> >in the Tcl world and Tcl is moving forward language wise.
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> >That doesn't take away from the article though. It was just a
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> Robert, though "just a thought", I want to say a few words in
> you're wrong.  Or, you're ambiguous:  I think you're saying, "To
> priately infect readers with the enthusiasm for Tcl that you (and I)
> think they deserve to have, it is necessary to anticipate the
> that Tcl is 'dormant' and convince them otherwise."
> Here's the problem:  a magazine needs to be written for its readers,
> rather than its authors or any other actors (from a business stand-
> point, content ultimately is designed to serve advertisers, but that
> rather dreary reality is a distraction we'll ignore for now).  Lynn's
> job was to profile the languages.  To keep her scope manageable, she
> did not address the cultures of the different languages.  As I under-
> stand her thoughts, she doesn't try to help the languages, but rather
> help the readers.
> It feels as though I'm hitting this tack of a point with a too-heavy
> sledgehammer.  I sure don't want to offend you, Robert; I *do* want
> to take the opportunity to distinguish the different motivations
> here.  While I think you already understand this, I'll make it
> Lynn deserves our encouragement for her openness to ideas like use of
> scripting languages, not our censure for failing to go far enough.

The size of you hammer was okay with me. It takes a lot to offend me
and having delt with people from this group I know that most of the
stuff is constructive in nature anyway. : )

I did take the opportunity to submit the overall article to OSNews with
an extra link to the Tcl article.


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