winnt win32process.createProcess with stdout to file ?

david.humpherys at david.humpherys at
Fri Mar 4 18:18:03 CET 2005

Aweseome! Many many thanks Roger ! You've made my day.

The last thing that you may be able to help with...
I'm using
to kill this process if it gets outta hand...
but when i do so.. it seems that the stdout/stderr don't capture the

here's my last chunk of code.
again.. thank you so much.

		hProcess, hThread, dwProcessId, dwThreadId =
win32process.CreateProcess \
		( None, self.RENDER_STRING, sa, sa, 1,
win32con.NORMAL_PRIORITY_CLASS, None, None, startInfo)

		while self.exitCode == 259:
			if self.stop:
				print "kill da process"

			self.exitCode = win32process.GetExitCodeProcess(hProcess)

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