Building Time Based Bins

MCD mcdesigns at
Tue Mar 22 19:40:40 CET 2005

Ok, thanks Michael, I got it sorted out now. It was just a question of
placing the append statement and the new list in the right place. I
also added a delete command so the list doesn't become too huge,
especially when there's no need to keep it. Here's the corrected code:

 if bintm == 9999:
        bintm = newbintm
        binlo = a
        lastbinlo = [binlo]    ## new bin creation
    elif bintm == newbintm:
        binlo = min(binl, t)
        if len(lastbinlo) > 1:  ## check for append data
           del lastbinlo(0)     ## delete extras
        lastbinlo.append(binlo)  ## append new data here
        print lastbinlo[-2]
        print "  ==>> %04d %2d" % (bintm, binl) ## this is the bin
        bintm = newbintm
        binlo = a

Anyway, many thanks to everyone who helped with this code.

Best regards,

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