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Gerrit Muller gerrit.muller at
Tue Mar 1 13:22:12 CET 2005

> ----------
> New format
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> I have done a thorough restructuring of the boilerplate and the Summary 
> Announcements section for the Summaries.  The purpose of this is to make 
> finding information in the boilerplate much easier.  It also keeps 
> consistency by sectioning off everything as in the Summary section.
> The other reason is for the ``contents`` directive in reST_.  This will 
> provide a more thorough table of contents for the web version of the 
> summary at the very top of the summaries.  This will allow people to 
> jump directly to the section of the Summary they care about the most.  
> Obviously this perk only exists in the HTML version.
> Lastly, the typical boilerplate for each Summary has now been moved to 
> the bottom.  This was at the request of a regular reader who I would 
> like to keep happy.  =)  It also seems reasonable since once you have 
> read through it once chances are you are not going to read it again so 
> might as well move it out of the way.
> Then again I could be totally wrong about all of this and manage to 
> alienate every person who reads the summaries regularly.  =)

as always I do appreciate your summaries. This new format, with the 
boilerplate at the end certainly is an improvement. However, I always 
use your news announcement as a trigger to read the version at 
<<dates>.html>. I used to do this by 
clicking on the "archive" link at the beginning of your message and then 
clicking on the latest summary. For my type of reading I would strongly 
prefer to have the link to the actual version at the top of the message, 
rather than at the end.

I hope you keep summarizing as long as no other volunteer takes over.

thanks, Gerrit

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