Making a DLL with python?

Gerald Klix Gerald.Klix at
Thu Mar 31 17:02:00 CEST 2005

I think you can, as long as you have a C-Compiler available.

I used pyrex to embedd python into a Linux PAM-Module and
i used C-Types to embbed Python into a Windows DLL. With hindsight, the 
pyrex solution was much fatser to develop and less complicated.

Pyrex provides an example.


Feel free to ask, if you need a more complex example,
than the one, that comes with pyrex.


Larry Bates schrieb:
> I don't think you can make a .DLL (but someone else might).
> Why can't you use a COM server?  MS seems to have written
> some pretty sophisticated software using COM objects.
> Almost all languages can dispatch a COM object easily.
> -Larry
> jppx1 at wrote:
>>Can I use python to make a regular Windows DLL that will be called from
>>other programs?
>>I know I can use the win32 extensions to make a COM server, but I need
>>a straight DLL.
>>Phillip Piper
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