[Python-Dev] Re: python-dev Summary for 2005-01-16 through 2005-01-31

Max M maxm at mxm.dk
Wed Mar 2 15:59:27 CET 2005

Martin v. Löwis wrote:
> Steve Holden wrote:
> The more I participate, the more I can relate to Eric Raymond's notion
> of a "gift society". Volunteers give their contributions to the
> community just because they want to, and they may get recognition in
> return. But because these are gifts, you can just stop giving them away
> at any time, and nobody should feel bad about doing so. The community
> only is only entitled to the contributor saying so - finding somebody
> else to step in is indeed optional.

I write a few open source projects myself, and I get virtually no 
feedback or patches on anything. Only complaints if there are bugs :-)

But on the other hand I use a lot of other peoples code without commenting.

I guess that is the way it must work. You take leadership in a small 
area, and you keep it as long as you care to.

So while it might not feel as a "brotherhood of shared effort" in the 
single sub-project, it might very well be on a higher level.


hilsen/regards Max M, Denmark

IT's Mad Science

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