tksnack and socket to real time sampling and playing sound

didifouke at didifouke at
Tue Mar 29 13:20:43 CEST 2005


I try to sample and playback speech using snack. My idea is to have a
socket based server that plays back the sound and a client that samples
the input from the sound card and sends it to the server using the
socket connection.

On the snack page there is a tutorial showing a socket server
implementation using tcl:

I had problems converting that example into python.

Googling for such a solution I found one discussion back in 2001:

The difference with this solution is that it is based around python
socket and does not use the snack internal socket implementation for
the data input. If I understand that correct there is a limitation as
the socket.recv(8192) function limits the receivable data to the
specified buffer size.

Did somebody use the snack based socket implementation with python?

Is there a better way to solve this sampling and playback with another
tool than snack?

Is snack even capable of doing this? I am looking for pretty low
sampling rates, like 8kHz.

I would like to be flexible and use it under Windows and Linux as well.



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