executing non-Python conde

Earl Eiland eee at nmt.edu
Fri Mar 11 18:03:36 CET 2005

So where do I find win32process.
It's not a builtin (at least import win32process fails)
A search of python.org fails.
A search of sourceforge fails.
A google search brings up lots of stuff, but I didn't find the module.

Earl Eiland

On Fri, 2005-03-11 at 09:02, Larry Bates wrote:
> Earl Eiland wrote:
> > I need to repeatedly execute an .exe program, changing the command line
> > arguments, and log the output.
> > 
> > My search of Python documentation and O'Reilly texts hasn't uncovered
> > how I do this.  Both exec and execfile seem to only run Python code. 
> > Also, neither seem to be able to pass parameters. (Although there is a
> > reference to global and local dictionaries that I don't understand.)
> > 
> > Surely there is a way to do this!
> > 
> > Earl Eiland
> > 
> os.system() or win32process.CreateProcess() depending on how much
> control you want and/or if it is a Windows GUI .exe.
> Larry Bates

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