intigrate the PyGame module with my Python

Lucas Raab dotpyFE at
Sat Mar 5 14:47:37 CET 2005

devendra_k at wrote:
> I want to intigrate the PyGame module with my Python exe,
> means i DONT want to generate .PYD files separtely rather than that
> want to put PyGame "c" src with Python workspace of VC project
> workspace.
> I am unable to import the sub modules( display, rect etc) of pygame,
> its raising errors,
> am giving the steps i followed, plz help me in this case
> I am stuck at the "pygame" embedding using microsoft visual c++ under
> win2000 os.
> Formarly I have done following activities :
> 1. Downloaded the windows binary for python 1.5.2 from
> 2. Downloaded the sdl windows binary package from
> 3. successfully integrated the sdl library into the python15 project.
>    A sample py script was tested successfully.
> 4. Downloaded pygame 1.6 source from
> 5. Integrated the code into vc project.
> 6. On similar lines to sdl, the necessary changes were done
>    ( as pygame happens to be successor to sdl).
>    Initially, the pygame module was not being recognized by the
> environment.
> Regards,
> Devendra

You don't want to put the Pygame files in the pythonxy.exe (where xy is 
your version number) file, but rather the pythonxy.dll file.

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