Ruby on Rails or Perl's there a Python equivalent

Iwan van der Kleyn none at
Sat Mar 5 09:22:59 CET 2005

Gary Nutbeam wrote:
> needing to learn Ruby.

But why wouldn't you just use Rails and learn Ruby in the process? The 
"effort" required to learn Ruby pales in comparisson to the advantages 
using Ruby on Rails might give you, imho.

Ruby is an excellent language, not much different from Python with its 
own set of advantages and problems (I really mis python's white-space 
indentation for example, but that is fully compensated by Ruby's nice 
OOP features). With a book like "Programming Ruby" you would be up to 
speed in a few days.

Rails gives you much more than a comparable set of Python libraries 
which are gobled together with sticky tape. It provides you not just 
with an superbly integrated and consistent set of components. Rails 
gives you:
  - (real) automation (take a look at scaffolding for quick prototyping)
  - terrific documentation (the videos are *not* a gimmick, for example)
  - an enthousiastic, supportive user community (that alone is an 
incredible help and time saver)

have fun,


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