mod_python, user missing

KasiKuula KasiKuula at
Sat Mar 26 09:04:18 CET 2005

So damn simple that i am embarrassed :D
Now my news get added with user.
Thanks :)


grahamd at wrote:

> Good question, according to the documentation it should work, I'll
> push this onto the mod_python mailing list for discussion and get a
> bug report posted if necessary.
> In the meantime, you could use the following work around:
> def __auth__(req, user, passwd):
>      req.user = user
>      if user == 'noppa' and passwd == 'potti':
>          return True
>        else:
>          return False
> Ie., explicitly set "req.user" in the __auth__ method.

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