Building Time Based Bins

MCD mcdesigns at
Sun Mar 20 19:51:57 CET 2005

John Machin wrote:
> Are you (extremely) new to computer programming? Is this school
> homework?

Lol, yes, I am relatively new to programming... and very new to python.
I have experience working with loops, if thens, and boolean operations,
but I haven't worked with lists or array's as of yet... so this is my
first forray. This isn't homework, I'm long out of school. I've been
wanting to extend my programming abilities and I chose python as the
means to acheiving that goal... so far I really like it :-)

Thank you both for the code. I ended up working with John's because
it's a bit easier for me to get through. I very much appreciate the
code... it taught me quite a few things about how python converts
string's to integers and vice versa. I didn't expect to get thorugh it,
but after looking at it a bit, I did, and was able to modify it so that
I could work with my own files. Yeah!

The only question I have is in regards to being able to sum a field in
a bin. Using sum(hi) returns only the last value... I'm uncertain how
to cumulatively add up the values as the script runs through each line.
Any pointers?

Thank you again for all your help.

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