wxPython vs. pyQt

Andrew E andrew at nospam.com
Sun Mar 20 11:12:29 CET 2005

Hans-Peter Jansen wrote:
> ..
> While in PyQt world, I found these advantages:
>  + conceptually vastly superior
>  + powerful api/widgets/features
>  + fast as hell due to the efficient binding of a quite efficient lib
>  + cool tools, that are unicode/translation aware
>  + very efficient programming environment/unbeatable productivity
> While this sounds like the average sales talk, I will try to backup these
> claims a bit:
 > ..

I've been a wx user since around 1999 and overall I like it. It annoys 
me a *lot* sometimes, but as Qt was always prohibitively expensive for 
commercial development, it was the only real option.

The key question from my point of view is: can I write commercial 
sell-if-I-want-to applications using Qt? If it is GPL, then I guess the 
answer is 'no'?


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