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M.E.Farmer mefjr75 at
Fri Mar 18 22:56:12 CET 2005

Igorati wrote:
> Thank you all for your help. I am sorry that I am struggling with
> programming. I still am attempting to "get it". Yes, I do need to
> posting homework assignments, perhaps I will learn to write code
> more studying. I have gone through some toutorials if that makes you
> any better. I do have a desire to learn. Thank you again. I will go
> and attempt to impliment this.

 A desire to learn , persistant study, and excercise is all you really
need ;)
I don't know how much you  'get' yet so I will assume you are just
We all have problems gaining that 'flash of insight' sometimes that
makes it all clear ( I am still trying to fully grasp metaclasses and
secretly envy Alex Martelli and just about every other genius on this
list ;).
So the best way I can tell you to learn a language is to read and write
-Open a Python interpreter and start keying in Python and see what
-If you don't know what an interpreter is read the tutor
-Use dir() to see what an object exposes to you.
-Learn about list, dictionary, tuple and string methods it will save
you months.
-Buy a book on Python. I found it easier to grasp from a book than the
net, and now I have reference I can give to friends to get them
-Read thru the standard library when you have the basics down the
insight you will gain is priceless.
-Pick a module and learn it. write a program that uses that module in
some way( this will make it easier to spot the time you actually need
to write a solution)
-Find a program you like and start adding 'features' to it or taking
out 'features' you don't like.
-Python tutor list may be more appropriate for you right now till you
are up and running.
-Just keep reading and writing Python , you will 'get it'.

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