Need help

Peter Hansen peter at
Tue Mar 1 22:01:34 CET 2005

brian wrote:
> They tell me the error is Recv Timed Out.

It would probably go much faster if "they" were the
ones asking the questions and describing their

Otherwise it sounds like a case of the blind leading the blind.
You don't know the specifics of their situation, and
troubleshooting is hard enough without trying to do it
through a middleman...

(However, it can be done... it's just damn hard.  If
you/they for some reason don't want to hire somebody
to investigate and resolve the problem, I guess you'll
need patience and imagination.  Here's a first step:
how far apart are these requests?  If they're very
close together, what happens if they insert, say, a
few seconds delay between each one?)


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