Colin J. Williams cjw at
Sat Mar 12 23:59:47 CET 2005

tkpmep at wrote:
> I have a Python program that collects user input using
> msg = "Enter the full path and name of the file to be processed: "
> answer = raw_input(msg)
> If I run it in IDLE, the question is splashed across the execution
> window, and if it is long, simply wraps to the next line. Most
> importantly, it is intelligible, because I see the entire message. I
> enter my answer on the next line, and once again, I can see the entire
> path and file name, even if it is longer than long.
> However, if I run it in ActivePython's PythonWin, a small message box
> pops up, with hardly any space to diplay msg and a smallish space into
> which I can type my answer. How can I force PythonWin to get its input
> from the execution window or to enlarge its message box sufficiently to
> display the entire question?
> Thomas Philips
You might try out the PythonWin from:

Build 203 is the current version, build 204 is expected.

Colin W.

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