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Cameron Laird claird at
Sat Mar 19 13:08:03 CET 2005

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Kay Schluehr <kay.schluehr at> wrote:
>Tanteauguri wrote:
>> Hi List, is there in python a variable variable like in PHP ($$var)?
>> What I want to do is something like that:
>> pc=["a","b","c"]
>> for i in pc:
>> 	i = anyclass()
>> a.shutdown()
>> b.update()
>> Any Ideas?
>def seq(n,cls,*args,**kw):
>    "create a sequence of n objects of type cls."
>    return [cls(*args,**kw) for i in range(n)]
>>>> a,b,c = seq(3,anyclass)
>>>> a.shutdown()
>>>> b.update()
>Regards Kay

I'm going to make this explicit:  the PHP idiom is a defect.
Yes, I know that's good style among top PHP practitioners, 
but, from all I know, it's simply a bad habit.  The advice to
use a dictionary is on target.

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