list of all type names

Calvin Spealman calvin at
Tue Mar 1 10:08:15 CET 2005

Of course, remember that there are benefits to this, as well. Redefining the
built-ins can be useful in some interesting cases.

Klaus Neuner wrote:

> Hello,
> Python has one feature that I really hate: There are certain special
> names like 'file' and 'dict' with a predefined meaning. Yet, it is
> allowed to redefine these special names as in
> dict = [1:'bla']
> In order to avoid problems in the future, I tried to get the list of
> all those names, but I could not find it. (The Python Reference Manual
> only says that there is the type "Dictionary" in Python, but not that
> 'dict' is a semi-reserved word.) Can you point me to such a list?
> Klaus


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