Online Programming Contest (Python solutions accepted)

Sridhar sridharinfinity at
Wed Mar 2 13:04:40 CET 2005


We, the students of CEG, Anna University [1] are organizing an online
programming contest as part of aBaCus [2] 2005.  The contest itself
will start on 6th March 2005 at 1:00 pm IST [3] and will end after 5
hours.  You have to solve the problems posted at the start of the
contest.  Teams ranking high will be awarded the prizes.

As a special note, inspite of C,C++ and Java we also allow Python [4]
this time.  So we hope a lot of Pythonistas also could attend the
contest for fun. :-)

For more details about the contest, visit the contest page

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[3] Indian Standard Time (IST) is the time zone for India. It is 5
hours and 30 minutes ahead of GMT/UTC.

Sridhar Ratna -

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