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Axel Straschil <axel at straschil.com> writes:

> Hello!
> > does anyone know of a high-level solution to produce RTF from Python=20
> > (something similar to
> > Reportlab for producing PDF)?
> Spend hours of googeling and searching, also in this NG, about two
> months ago. My conclusion is: On windwos, maybe you can include some
> hacks with dll's, under linux, linux support for generating rtf is none,
> and so is python's.
> My workaround was: 
> http://www.research.att.com/sw/download/
> This includes an html2rtf converter, which I access from python via
> popen and temporary files. Not high-level, not very sexy ... ;-(
> Lg,
> -- 
> "Aber naja, ich bin eher der Forentyp." Wolfibolfi's outing in 
> http://www.informatik-forum.at/showpost.php?p=206342&postcount=10

I generate docbook and convert that to rtf.  I generate the docbook
from my pdx markup:


If you go this route, your python code is actually writing pdx, and
you need a 2 step conversion (pdx2docbook.py, then openjade for the
xml-to-rtf step).

harry.g.george at boeing.com 
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