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Mon Mar 28 03:51:03 CEST 2005

I'm still very new to Python, after decideding to learn a true
programming language (rather then a scripting language, i like to think
i'm a intermediate PHP user). I decided for my first project I would
try to make a IRCbot. It would run on the commandline with a frontend
for commands such as "reconnect", "quit", "changeserver", etc. My
problem is while I have the bot to a state where it connects to the
server (with the use of IRCLib), I don't know how to have the frontend
interface with the program while the irc connection loop is in the
background. My thoughts are that I could have each of the loops running
on a diffrent thread while events watch the channel for the bots
commands (!op etc.). Only problem I have no idea on how to implement
these ideas or even if this is the right way to go about it. So I'm
asking if anyone has a good threading or event tutorial, or if they
would show me the basics in a post. I'm also asking if I should be
going about this problem in this fashion at all.

Thanks for any help,

Code for the client (not including irclib):
-note: im using 'pass' as a placeholder for future IRC commands
-note2: the code in comments is an example of how I would like the
frontend to work in the end. (except without pausing the loop which is
what happens right now as it waits for input).

#Filename: NIRC Core

import sys
import irc

def giveop(user):

def ip():

def uptime():

def auth(user,password,ip):

def kill(user):

def mute(user):

def servertest():

NIRC=irc.IRC_Object( )
conn=NIRC.new_connection( )
s = raw_input('Enter Start Command : ')
if s == 'quit':
if s == 'ircstart':
    conn.server=('', 6667)
    conn.realname='Noobwrangler McNeal'
    print 'Connection Started'
    while 1:
        NIRC.main_loop( )

#        n = raw_input('Enter Bot Commands : ')
#        if n == 'quit':
#            break
print 'Ending IRC communication'

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