compiled open source Windows lisp (was Re: Python becoming less Lisp-like)

Brandon J. Van Every try_vanevery_at_mycompanyname at
Wed Mar 16 20:11:06 CET 2005

Carl Shapiro wrote:
> "Brandon J. Van Every" <try_vanevery_at_mycompanyname at>
> writes:
>> Last I looked, 2 years ago?, there were no compiled, open source
>> lisps that ran on Windows.  Has this changed?
> I have a virtually completed port of CMUCL to Win32.  [etc]

Ah, so you're the brave lad I heard about.  :-)  Well, good going!  Hope to
see it sometime.

Brandon Van Every           Seattle, WA

When no one else sells courage, supply and demand take hold.

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