Ruby on Rails or Perl's there a Python equivalent

bruno modulix onurb at xiludom.gro
Fri Mar 4 11:07:54 CET 2005

Gary Nutbeam wrote:
> I count zpt as xml because page templates can operate in html or xml mode.

I can understand this, but from a practical POV, ZPT are mainly (x)html 
templates. A valid (x)html page is a valid ZPT too. This has nothing in 
common with the hundreds of complicated XML conf files needed by most 
J2EE app servers.

> This is not a troll. It is a lot of work in Zope to create interfaces to
> relational data for anything more than simple data models. 
> It's a lot less work in Maypole or Rails,

I've never worked with any of them, so I can't tell. It's also true that 
most of what I've done with Zope so far relies mostly on the ZODB, RDBMS 
  connections being merely used as a bridge to share data with other 
systems. Still, I didn't have any problem with Zope/RDBMS integration so 

> but I don't want to go back to
> writing in Perl, 


> or needing to learn Ruby.

A nice language, but yes, there can be practical reasons to stick with 


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