os.join Windows action

John Machin sjmachin at lexicon.net
Sun Mar 6 06:20:35 CET 2005

Michael Hoffman wrote:
> Colin J. Williams wrote:
> > C:\XXX is required, C:XXX is not acceptable.
> C:XXX is acceptable, it just means something entirely different from
> C:\XXX. There is a current working directory on each drive. C:XXX is
> file XXX in the current directory on drive C:.

Further notes for Colin:

On *x, /xxx is the xxx file in the root directory and xxx is the xxx
file in the current directory. Same perceived problem.

This is not a new feature in Windows XP; it has been as Michael
described ever since directories were introduced in MS-DOS 2.0.  And of
course it applies to all file paths, irrespective of whether you want
to execute / read /write / etc.

As a matter of interest, do you normally run python with
"site-packages" as the current directory? Most folk would not do that,
with any software package, preferring the installed software to be just
that, and not "polluted" with their own data etc which should be kept
elsewhere in appropriately named and structured directories. 


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