Simple XML-to-Python conversion

gaudetteje at gaudetteje at
Fri Mar 18 20:04:05 CET 2005

Since I've exhausted every option except for Amara, I've decided to
give it a try.  However, this will only work if I can compile Amara and
4suite along with my application.  I doubt 4suite will be able to be
compiled, but I'll try it anyway.

If I weren't set on using XML (I know, not every application requires
it and it's abused), I would probably go with a simpler format like an
INI file or YAML.  The requirement that leads me to use XML for a
simple config file is that the rest of this project already utilizes
XML and another developer must integrate his NetBeans GUI with my app
and config file.  Not to mention that this must be across Linux and
Windows platforms.  To make this easier on everyone else, I'm using a
simple XML schema that I know everyone can write to.  As far as I know,
YAML isn't easily written to from a Java class and an INI file isn't
very popular on the Linux side.

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