distutils setup ignoring scripts

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Tue Mar 15 21:23:55 CET 2005

Quoting Raseliarison nirinA <nirina at mail.blueline.mg>:

>  Jack wrote:
> > No, I'm referring to bin/foobar, as specified 
> > in "scripts = ['bin/foobar']".
> yes i'm deadly wrong and should refuse the 
> temptation to guess!
> and ougth to read clearly the post.
> so, you want the script foobar included in your package?
> what command are you issueing?

The tool I'm developing has two python packages (root and 'foobar'
in my earlier email), and one script. I want to package up the
packages and the script so that when an installer installs,
he gets the two packages and the script.

I created the package as "python ./setup.py sdist".

> does this include the file?
> python setup.py sdist 

No, that's what I tried.

> as you use Python22  on RH9, maybe:
> python setup.py bdist_rpm --install-script foobar

Is install-script really needed? I would have thought that specifying
setup( ... scripts = [...] ...) would suffice, based on the python


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