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> Tertius Cronje wrote:
> > Q: Is it possible for a thread on SocketServer.ThreadingTCPServer to
> > the socket info of *other* open thread/s and use that info to send
> > to the accepting client?
> A specific socket can be used from every thread of a process. Just
> sure that you synchronize everything.
> > I need to create a client that can connect to server and then
> > how many other clients are connected, what the socket info is
> When you accept a socket client, a new socket is created, so you
> determine how many clients are connected to a socket. You have to
> a data structure where you insert info about accepted connections and
> delete the info when a connection is closed.

I was thinking of a dict or list _global_ to the
StreamRequestHandler.handle() method. That way I can pass the info on
with every new connection where the server will have access to it.

> > (ifile/ofile) and then send and receive specific data to those
> ifile/ofile are local to the server process so you cannot use them to
> send data from one client to another client. You have to send the data
> to the server first with a special tag, the server has to use that tag
> and send the data to the designated other client.

That's what I had in mind thanks. The server needs to keep track of all
the connected clients. 

> It sounds a bit as if you want to build some kind of chat server and
> you want to add private channels.
Sounds like it but isn't. I'm busy developing a test/mock harness for a
financial switch. Currently it caters only for messages from the client
to the harness and then back. I need to add functionality that when an
_external_ message arrives, the switch can determine which client it
needs to send the data to.

Many thanks

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