Which is easier? Translating from C++ or from Java...

alainpoint at yahoo.fr alainpoint at yahoo.fr
Tue Mar 29 09:49:25 CEST 2005

Patrick Useldinger wrote:
> cjl wrote:

> Depends on what language you know best. But Java is certainly easier
to  read than C++.

There is a difference between theory and practice. In theory, Java is
easier to read than C++.
In practice however, the average Java programmer is MUCH less talented
than the average C++ programmer (let alone the average Python
programmer). The upshot of all this is that in practice (and my own
personal experience: we use both C++ and Java), Java code is bloated
with design patterns, obfuscated with many layers of indirection,
As a summary, Java code can most of the time be thrown away and
re-written from scratch (the fastest way). C++ code on the contrary can
easily be ported/wrapped.
Of course this is a matter of personal opinion. I love neither Java nor
C++. C is for me the purest language and there is no match when
combined with Python !

My 2 cents


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