Python becoming less Lisp-like

Ulrich Hobelmann u.hobelmann at
Tue Mar 15 01:40:38 CET 2005

Torsten Bronger wrote:
> Hallöchen!


> Moreover, I dislike the fact that new features are implemented
> partly in the interpreter and partly in Python itself.  It reminds
> me of TeX/LaTeX, where the enormous flexibility of TeX is used to
> let it change itself in order to become a LaTeX compiler.  However,
> the underlying constructs are utterly ugly, as are some of Python's
> features (e.g. __getattr__ and such, and descriptors, in order to
> get nice class properties).

Well, I think TeX is just an awful, weird language with (AFAIK) dynamic 
scoping.  Thinking of Lisp macros, I'd say that implementing features on 
top of a small language core is GREAT!

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