is there a problem on this simple code

mensanator at mensanator at
Sun Mar 13 06:00:57 CET 2005

John Machin wrote:
> mensanator at wrote:
> >
> > What actually gets transmitted is "C\x01\x02\x10'\x83".
> No, that's repr(What actually gets transmitted)

Drat, I always get burned by that.

> > That's 18 bytes. Is the command supposed to be the ASCII
> > characters \x01 or a single byte whose value is 1?
> For a start, according to the OP's code, the command ('C' a.k.a. 67)
> first. The 1 is a meant to be a message number.

Yeah, that's what I meant.

> Secondly, the hardware smells like it's got an 8080 or 6502 inside.
> likelihood that it groks Python/C string representation is minimal.

That's what I was thinking. And maybe the replies he's seeing
from the hardware is an error message because it doesn't
understand what it's seeing (which could be due to other things).
A datascope would come in handy for this situation.

> Folk just don't send 18 bytes at 9600 bps when 6 bytes will do.

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