jython question (interesting behavior)

Kent Johnson kent37 at tds.net
Fri Mar 4 04:05:49 CET 2005

pythonUser_07 wrote:
> Is this the correct place to post a jython question?
> I posted the following in the jython group, but I figured I'd post here
> too:
> _________________________________________
> I am assuming that the PythonInterpreter environment is not a unique
> environment from within a jvm.
> Here is some pseudo code to show what I am talking about
> 1) create a jython module  file, lets call it "mytest"
>    with a simple static class
>    class simpleS:
>       myVar = "test01"
> 2) Now set up two interpreter environments from within
>    the same jvm
>    PythonInterpreter py = new PythonInterpreter()
>    PythonInterpreter py1 = new PythonInterpreter()
> 3) now in both interpreters, import the module
>    py.exec("import mytest")
>    py1.exec("import mytest")
>    Now for both interpreters run
>    "print mytest.simpleS.myVar"
> 4) Now for the crazy part.
>    in the py interpreter run
>    "mytest.simpleS.myVar = 'test02'
>    in py1 look at the value
>    "print mytest.simpleS.myVar"
> Very interesting behavior.  So it seems that each python interpreter
> instance does not act as its own seperate space.

My understanding is that the two PythonInterpreters wrap a single PySystemState which is where the 
modules are cached. So they share the same modules. If you want different behaviour you should give 
them each their own PySystemState.


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