win32com and Python2.4: Interpreter crashing!

Roger Upole rupole at
Mon Mar 7 22:20:11 CET 2005

There's a bug in the tokenizer that's triggered by the long
lines generated by makepy.  See


"Tim N. van der Leeuw" <tim.leeuwvander at> wrote in message 
news:1110193192.071711.271370 at
> Hi,
> When trying to use win32com functionality with Python2.4, the
> interpreter often crashes!
> I don't know if it's a known problem already that will be fixed in an
> upcoming Python2.4.1 version.
> Basically, the problem is:
> generates a (large, nearly 2mb) Python file for use with COM
> interfaces of an MS Excel. Generating the file seems to work fine.
> However, when trying to import this file, the interpreter crashes
> trying to compile it into a .pyc file.
> The same file gives no such problems with Python 2.3.5.
> I first just used with Python2.4, but it crashed after
> generating a large Python file.
> Then I created the file using python2.3.5, and copied it to my
> python2.4 installation, and that crashes python2.4 when importing it.
> So as I said before: is this a known problem already fixed for the next
> release, or should I collect crash-information for this problem?
> cheers,
> --Tim

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