Python 2.4 & PostgreSQL 8 segfault

Adrian Immler adrian.immler at
Thu Mar 3 15:53:10 CET 2005


i have compiled and installed postgres8 --with-prefix=/usr/local/postgres8
(& several other options) and have no other version of postgres on my
system. python is compiled and make'd --with-prefix=/usr.

i have added the libpath of postgres to /etc/ and a ldconfig -v
also told me that the libraries are found. i tried to install PyGreSQL,
pyPgSQL and psycoPG. after i found out how to tell all those make systems
where my libraries and includes are i got it installed. but no matter
which module i try to use ... it segfaults. even if i try to view the
documentation via pydoc -p <port> in my browser, as soon as i click on
such a module the pydoc server shuts down with segfault. what is wrong ?

do i have to compile those modules against a postgres7 and then connect to
a postgres8?

any ideas ?


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