Is Python like VB?

Gregor Horvath g.horvath at
Thu Mar 17 10:10:27 CET 2005

James wrote:

> You will probably find migrating to VB.NET easier than to Python if you
> have to do WYSIWYG data bound form design.
> VB.NET is quite a nice language (I personally prefer C#). Much nicer
> than VB6. Python is better but it may not meet YOUR needs
> infrastructure wise.

This is more a strategic decision than a technical one.

MS has proven that it uses and forces its developers community to 
maximize their own profits and spread of technologies. Personally I dont 
want to be forced ("Where do you want me to go today?")
Who guarantees that VB.NET will not have the same tragic kismet that VB6 

Open Source is totally different and thats the real difference between 
VB and python.

As long as their are users and working code, there will be a community 
around an OSS tools project.
This is not true for commercial tools, as perfectly proven by MS with 
VB6. Its users are crying and MS is deaf because of strategic MS 


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