ANN: 2005 International Obfuscated Ruby Code Contest (IORCC)

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Sat Mar 19 00:45:22 CET 2005

IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Fri Mar 18 16:34:52 CST 2005
ANNOUNCEMENT:      International Obfuscated Ruby Code Contest (IORCC)
                   Entry Deadline, Midnight on March 31st, 2005

Dear Rubyists, Perlists, Shellists, Cists and Hackers,

It is with GREAT pleasure to announce the final stretch of the 2005
International Obfuscated Ruby Code Contest (IORCC) and our wonderful
sponsors and prizes.  In addition to a covented right of claiming you
are most obscure Ruby coder for 12 months time, you also have a shot at
over 750 USD worth of prizes from the  following wonderful sponsors
(all of which are fantastic products and really nice friendly

Chronological order of sponsorship (see weblinks below):

  - Dave Thomas, Signed copies of PickAxe and Ruby on Rails books!
  - Syngress Press, Ruby the Developers Guide (700+ pages of real
    world Ruby).
  - Purgatory Design's Intaglio, graphics application for charting
    obscure entrantants.  Simplicity with power.
  - Oreilly and Associates, The Ruby Nutshell book, need we say
    anything more?
  - Andrew Stone's, Stone Design Suite, Create, Graphics, WebApps,
    Applets and more!  The ORIGINAL OSX Developer.
  - Puzzles Forever, the folks that invented Solitaire Forever.
  - OpenBase SQL, OpenStep and now OSX Database solutions for Linux,
    Windows and MacOSX.
  - Postal2: Share the Pain from the sick puppies at Running With
    Scissors and the Infamous Gary Coleman.  Thanks Vince!
  - Sol Robot's CrosswordForge, word finder and crossword puzzle
    generator.  Fun for all, super easy to use and fast!
  - Bartas Technologies' CopyWrite, got a book or documents to publish?
    Use CopyWrite, it will blow you away at how simple it is.
  - MacroMates' TextMate.  Lightweight and POWERFUL code project
    management tool, really slick!

The estimated total value of committed prizes by the Official IORCC
Sponsors is approx. $750 USD.  The deadline for submission is Midnight
March 31, 2005.  We hope you will be able to participate. This is
turning into a GREAT fiesta!

All entrants must read the submission guidelines (they are pretty slim
and very friendly) to ensure their entry is accepted in a timely
manner.  Visit the Official IORCC website for more details and the
Frequently Asked Questions for the 2005 IORCC event.

Best of luck,

Todd Nathan
IORCC Founder/Judge
irc:// (SeaForth)
"What you talkin about Willis?" - GC

2005 IORCC Sponsor Home Page Links:

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