Gordon McMillan installer and Python 2.4

Serge Orlov Serge.Orlov at gmail.com
Thu Mar 3 14:09:32 CET 2005

Svein Brekke wrote:
> > Seriously, if you're only interested in Windows, just use py2exe,
> > or if you want Linux+Windows, try cx_Freeze.
> According to the command line help for cx_Freeze and py2exe, they
> cannot pack my program with additional installation files into one
> self-extracting .exe file (which is what I want to do).
> Am I wrong on this?

You're right, but that doesn't mean py2exe is not for you. Packing
a program, displaying a license, choosing installation directory
is not Python specific, just use a generic installer. They are better
because they have much more users than Python specific installers.
See for example http://nsis.sourceforge.net/features/featurelist/

Use py2exe to bundle python core, extentions and your program into
one directory, then use nsis to create the installator.


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