how to control a USB DISK?

Ola Natvig ola.natvig at
Wed Mar 2 14:39:15 CET 2005

zyqnews at wrote:
> hello all,
>   I now have a simple project. It is to test the change of use disk,
> when a new usb disk is plugged into the usb socket, the program will
> copy a file to the usb disk, then disabled the usb disk to be pulled
> out safely. I intend to make it with python. Does someone here get any
> experiences about USB disk programming, and any suggestons ?
> Thanks a lot.
if you are using windows:

Perhaps you can use COM to detect the evenet of the disk beeing placed 
in it's socket (i don't know if it's possible) and then jost copy the 
file. I gues that the real problem are the detecting of the session 
start and beeing able to disable the disk. I don't know which (if any) 
COM service that can be used.


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