Small but significant memory leak in Pyana XSLT processor

Brian Quinlan brian at
Tue Mar 8 15:54:07 CET 2005

Ola Natvig wrote:
> My problem:
> When serving my content without the XSLT processor the process size 
> remains the same size. (about 18MB in the windows task manager). But 
> when I use the XSLT processor the process will slowly gain size. About 
> 1MB for each 10k requests, and this memory are not freed.
> I feel certain that the leak are located in the XSLT processor since the 
> problem occurs when that is plugged into the system.
> There is not much wrapping code so I don't think the problem are of that 
> manner.
> So I wonder if anyone have had the same experience with this XSLT 
> toolkit before and if you were able to fix it.

I'm the author of the Pyana package and, to the best of my knowledge, 
Pyana does not have any memory leaks. It seems like there are three 
possibilities: your code is leaking somehow (seems unlikely based on 
the above), Pyana is leaking (very possible) or Xalan is leaking (very 

If Pyana is leaking then it is likely that the problem can be fairly 
easily isolated and fixed (by me). Would it be possible for you to 
isolate the leaking code and send it to me? If that is not possible, 
then let me know and I can recommend steps to help find the problem 


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