Neil Hodgson nyamatongwe+gravity at
Sun Mar 13 00:42:20 CET 2005

Thomas Philips:

> However, if I run it in ActivePython's PythonWin, a small message 
> box pops up, with hardly any space to diplay msg and a smallish 
> space into which I can type my answer. How can I force PythonWin 
> to get its input from the execution window 

   You will have to implement the feature which looks to me like much 
work which is why it wasn't done that way by default.

> or to enlarge its message box sufficiently to display the entire 
> question?

   The dialog is included as a binary resource in a DLL, win32ui.pyd. 
You could get the source code, change the dialog resource and recompile 
PythonWin. Another approach would be to manipulate the dialog and 
control sizes after creation in pythonwin/pywin/mfc/ 


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