How to script DOS app that doesn't use stdout

Paul Watson pwatson at
Mon Mar 7 04:33:10 CET 2005

"Gregor" <nospam at> wrote in message 
news:FMDWd.582995$6l.516471 at pd7tw2no...
> There's a DOS console application I am trying to script (in Python), but 
> it
> doesn't seem to use stdout or stderr... For example, if I redirect output
> to a file ("cmd > file.txt"), the output still appears on screen.
> Similarly, the output pipes returned by popen* don't catch the app's
> output. How might this app be generating its output? Any thoughts on how 
> it
> could be captured (perhaps with something in the win32 extensions)?

The good-ole DOS app could be doing many things.  It could be making BIOS 
calls or writing directly to the video display memory at segment 0xB800. 
One would think that if it did a DUP of stdout that it might get captured, 
but apparently you have tried the popen* family.

Any hints as to what the DOS app is?  If it is known by anyone, perhaps a 
workaround is also known. 

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