McMillan Installer vs. Python 2.4

mrmakent at mrmakent at
Thu Mar 31 01:51:35 CEST 2005

3 quick questions for the newsgroup:

1. Does anyone know why McMillan Installer 5b5 does not work with
Python 2.4 under Linux (works with Python 2.3 just fine), and how to
fix it?

2. Will anyone be picking up the maintenance and development ball for
McMillan Installer?

3. Is there another, better-supported solution for distributing a
Python executable under Linux/Unix/AIX?  A single-file solution (ala
Installer's '--onefile') is a requirement for me.

4. Installer supports the use of upx for those platforms that support
it.  AIX does not.  Does anyone have any other solutions for
compressing a Python executable which still leaves that executable
executable?  Believe it or not, the biggest impediment to my using
Python at work is the enormous size of the executable. (Installing
Python itself on the target platforms is not allowed).

OK, that was 4.

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